Metal Industries 70th Anniversary Video

We are proud to announce the release of a new video commemorating Metal Industries 70th Anniversary! This labor of love was produced by our own MI Marketing department and features great imagery from our past, when J.T. Walker was first establishing Metal Industries after World War II, up to today, sharing some of the modern enhancements we’ve made.

Featuring commentary and heartfelt interviews with many Metal Industries associates, we are glad to be sharing a glimpse inside the heart of MI. Our commitment to our employees, our customers, and our community shines through and we are thrilled with the outcome. We look forward to many decades of success in our future.  Happy Birthday, Metal Industries!


Check out this and all our other informative videos at the METALAIRE YOUTUBE Channel!


Metal Industries Celebrates 70th Anniversary


MI_70th_Anniversary_LogoMetal Industries is proud to be celebrating 70 years of manufacturing excellence! From our humble beginning in 1947 at a Clearwater, FL airstrip to today, Metal Industries, Inc. remains dedicated to the core principles of our founder, Mr. J. T. Walker.

Having a strong work ethic and ambition, Mr. Walker turned his early passion for flight into a successful aviation career. During WWII he was a civilian flight instructor for the U.S. Navy and a test pilot for the B-29 Bomber. After the war he went into business in Clearwater, FL, purchasing with his partners an airstrip where he continued to instruct returning veterans in flight, only stopping when the U.S. government ceased underwriting the costs of teaching war veterans to fly.

Undaunted and ever an astute businessman, Mr. Walker and his partners converted the airstrip hangers into a metal screen manufacturing facility for the growing housing market in Florida and thus, Metal Industries, Inc. was born. A fortuitous visit from someone looking for an ‘air vent’ steered him into the fledgling HVAC industry and the rest as they say is ‘history’.

Over the years, Metal Industries has expanded our product lines, manufacturing capabilities and facilities with a vision of providing superior customer service and unmatched lead time in the HVAC industry – a vision we can confidently state we’ve achieved.

At Metal Industries we have never strayed from our founder’s principles – those of integrity, accountability and respect. These core values are not only the basis of our operation, they also inform how we treat our customers, our team, our community and environment. Our founder’s vision – even after 70 years in business – lives on as we look to the future. Happy Anniversary, Metal Industries!




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