METALAIRE is pleased to announce the release of a full offering of thermally actuated linear diffusers that can vary flow pattern or air volume in response to supply air temperature. METALAIRE thermal linear diffusers are an ideal solution for perimeter problem areas such as entryways, foyers and spaces that are affected by east/west exposure.


Each of the diffusers in this linear family can adjust based upon the supply air temperature and the configured setting to assure maximum occupant comfort in these difficult and variable environments.

No electric or pneumatic power is required for these units to operate making them ideal as retrofit or stand-alone solutions.



Model MVAC - VAV Cooling Control

The MVAC linear diffuser provides variable air volume control for interior cooling only applications. Via the use of an adjustable wax-type actuator and a uniquely designed induction slot that samples room air temperature, the MVAC will vary from full open (2-slot horizontal cooling pattern) to fully closed based upon the differential between room air and supply air. Units are factory calibrated to maintain a 72 degree room temperature. Available in 24", 36", 48" and 60" lengths.

Model MVACH - VAV Cooling and Heating Control

The MVACH uses similar technology to the MVAC cooling only unit but adds the additional capability of changing the flow pattern as well. When the unit is in cooling mode, the unit has the 2-slot horizontal pattern active; when the system is in heating mode the MVACH automatically switches to a 1-slot vertical air pattern. Again utilizing adjustable wax-type actuators and a uniquely designed induction slot, the MVACH offers full VAV control based upon the individual set points in both heating and cooling modes.This functionality is ideal for perimeter applications where a 'warm air' wash is desirable for the heating season, but a horizontal throw is necessary for cooling seasons. Available in 24", 36", 48" and 60" lengths.




Model MLAD - Constant Volume, Heat/Cool Changeover

The MLAD is a constant volume linear diffuser that automatically switches from a 2-slot horizontal throw diffuser when in cooling mode to a 1-slot vertical throw diffuser when in heating mode. Ideally suited for entryways and other perimeter applications, the MLAD utilizes a bi-metallic coil that senses supply temperature and allows for easy calibration of the changeover set point. Available in 24" & 48" lengths.

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