Model 5500CAD “COLD AISLE” Diffuser

METALAIRE is pleased to announce the release of Model 5500CAD Cold Aisle Diffuser. This unit is primarily designed for application in ‘cold-aisles’ in supermarkets and warehouse stores, but can be utilized anywhere that a field-adjustable combination of horizontal and vertical throws are desirable.

The Model 5500CAD is a hybrid unit that combines the features of a 5500 louver face diffuser with a cube core dampered center. This combination allows for full adjustability from a full horizontal throw to completely vertical throw, or any combination in between.

Model 5500CAD Aluminum Louver Face Hybrid Supply Diffuser

The 5500CAD is an aluminum, louver face supply diffuser with a 9” x 9”central 1/2”x1/2”x1/2” cube core secondary supply area. The cube core center area is provided with a steel OBD as a standard feature to allow for adjusting flow from fully vertical to fully horizontal throw. All units include our APD Air Pattern Deflectors as a standard feature allowing for complete manual field adjustment of throw patterns.

The 5500CAD is available for Lay-in T-Bar (-6 border) or V-Beveled Drop Surface (-2 border) mounting. Optional un-insulated or insulated plenum boxes are also available. Base unit is provided in METALAIRE White (01), or optionally available in mill finish, satin silver, black or custom matched colors.

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