Non-Ducted Return Hood Released

METALAIRE is pleased to announce the release of the Model NDRH Non-Ducted Return Hood. The Model NDRH is designed to reduce the amount of sound transmitted from or into the plenum space through return grilles in non-ducted applications.

NDRH_office_PhotoSound transmission from office to office or mechanical noises from the plenum of non-ducted returns can be an ongoing nuisance issue. The Model NDRH significantly reduces the amount of sound transmitted into or from the plenum and also functions effectively as a light shield. It can be used with any of METALAIRE's T-bar lay-in return grilles (RH, CC5, 7500R, etc.) specifically for use in non-ducted return applications.


Model NDRH Non-Ducted Return [Sound/Light] Hood

NDRH_Exploded-View_Top_Rotated (1)The NDRH is for use with non-ducted return grilles applied in T-bar lay-in applications. The NDRH is constructed of sturdy 22 ga. galvanized steel and is lined with 1/2" fiber insulation on 3 sides. Sound transmission is cut by 7-10 NC helping to limit sound transmitted from or through the plenum space.

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